Aprisa Rian Histiarini, Anton A Setyawan, M Farid Wajdi, Henri Dwi Wahyudi


The development of small and medium enterprises in Indonesia is growing rapidly but there are still many obstacles. This problem is suspected because many owners do not have a spirit entrepreneurship, good management skills and the right business strategy in business. The owners and managers of small businesses required to better understanding the market conditions and passion of the consumers because of competition in business. This study aims to determine the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation, management skills and marketing strategies to increase business performance. This research was conducted by distributing questionnaires on small businesses of manufacturing industry in Magetan. The number of respondents who researched is 96 including the owners or managers of manufacturing small businesses in Magetan. For analyzing and interpreting the data, the analytical techniques used in this research is by using Partial Least Square (PLS). From the results  of studies proved that the entrepreneurial orientation and management skills have positive and significant impact on the marketing strategy. Entrepreneurial orientation and management skills affect the performance of small businesses when mediated by marketing strategies. Only management capabilities directly influence the performance of a small business without a marketing strategy.

Keywords: entrepreneurial orientation, management skills, marketing strategies, business performance

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