Journal History

"JOURNAL AGRIBEST" is the Journal of Agricultural Sciences in the field of Agribusiness, Social Economics and other relevant fields published twice in March and September. The first Catak version is published in 2017 and online in 2018.

The initial publication of this journal was published and managed by the agricultural faculty Agribusiness Study Program on July 24, 2018, through a letter of approval from UM Jember Chancellor, all journals in UM Jember published by publishers were transferred in the name of Muhammadiyah Jember University. but the managers are still each study program. In volume 1 Number 1 2017 up to volume 2 Number 2 2018 Title and Abstract In Indonesian OJS approved name in Volume 3 Number 1 2019 and so on titles and abstracts on the OJS page use English and journal logos in articles volume 1 Number 1 2017 - Volume 2 Number 2 2018 which only reads Agribest in an article published in Volume 3 Number 1 updated according to the OJS page published by Agribest Journal. 

Since 11 September 2020, the Agribest Journal has officially collaborated (Number: 656/SK/PP.PERHEPI/IX/2020 -Number: 025/J-AGRIBEST/FP-UMJ/A/IX/2020 with PERHEPI (Indonesian Agricultural Economics Association), which in English is given the abbreviation ISAE, short for the Indonesian Society of Agricultural Economics.

Since Volume 5 Number 1 2021, there has been a change in the layout of the article, which initially changed two columns to one column so that the author can easily write articles.  Based on the results of the Re-Accreditation of the Agribest Journal, it was declared accredited by SINTA 4 Since Vol 3 No 1 of 2019 - Vol 8 No 2 2024 .

Since June 23, 2022, the Agribest Journal has been declared DOAJ indexed.