Hadi Jatmiko


Various policies of the company can direct impact on employee turnover rate is, for example, compensation policies, promotion policies relating to one's career path, or the situation and work environment that also affect the high and low employee turnover rate is (Handoko, 1997). Hotel - the hotel is similar stars in Jember is a hotel that is vulnerable to employee turnover (Turn Over) high enough it can be the authors see an indication that the dissatisfaction of employees to compensation, career and employee stress are factors that affect employee turnover rate at the hotel. Hotel Istana Jember selected as research sites because is one of the hotels in Jember to own facilities on par with Star three with 54 human resources as the driving operation, the sample used is the entire staff in the hotel's Palace for tabulating the data will be in descriptive analysis in order to find the most dominant factors associated with employee turnover. The conclusion of this research that the factorsare compensation, career, and work stress have a significant effect to employee turnover (turnover of labor) at Istana Jember Hotel. The dominant factor among the factors compensation, career and job stress affect employee turnover (turnover of labor) at Istana Jember Hotel is a factor of your career. Outputs or outcomes of this research can then be used by the interested especially Hotel Istana Jember Hotel in managing human resources and in making decisions about employee turnover (turnover of labor).

Keywords: Employee Turn Over, Hotel Industry, Hotel Policies


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