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Dramaturgy theory is a branch of the theory of symbolic interactionism. One of the most important works of self in symbolic interactionism is the Presentation of Self in Everyday Life (1959). The self concept according to Goffman strongly influenced by Mead thought, especially in his discussion of the tension between the spontaneous, "I" and "me", the self which is limited by social life. Goffman assumes that if interact, the actor wants to show sense of self that can be accepted by others. However, when the present themselves, the actors realize that members of the audience may interfere with performance. Because the actors adjust to control the audience, especially the elements that can be annoying. Mulyana (1999: 87) explains that the approach of Goffman core of the view that when humans interact with each other, he wants to "manage" the impression that he expected to grow on others against. To that end, each person do a "show" for others. Life is like a theater, social interaction on the stage to show the roles played by the actors. The world's political campaigns in Indonesia, political parties indeed have featured "front stage" with its lively, especially through the party's show of force in the form of a procession in the streets. In life in prison are negotiated order. Negotiation as a theater stage (Goffman) does not only happen in the next stage, (front stage) and a rear stage (front stage). Negotiations inmates and officers are also not merely impression management individually but also collectively.
Keywords: Political Life, Prison (Asylum), Dramaturgy


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