Dodot Adi, Ana Mariani


There search which was carried out in Malang city East Java Province attempted to depicta detailed illustration of the mix decouples world view based communication behavior ideals. These behaviours were assumed to be able to both prevent as well as resolve their internal problems at their early stages. The research found the importance of renovating an intercultural communication behavior among mixed couples. This was so for the purpose of harmonizing as well as strengthening their marital relationship by means of accomplishing their respective tranquility felt both internally and externally. This transquility was achieved by their feeling of happy internally and externally as well. This was so since each partner has merged their feelings ,attitudes due to his or her mutual understanding of respective differences. By so doing, it helps minimize the occurance of the potential conflict that may have been existed for quite long time so that it can resolve them at early stages. Employing subjective approach through an in-depthinterview andobservationtechniques,the research providean ample opportunityfor both researcher and informants to explore deeply the problem being investigated. This has brought about the emergence the ideal concepts along with the problem resolution stages in practical manners. In short, assertive values were the foundation for an effective intercultural communication among mixed couples whose cultural as well as religious background differ sharply.
Keywords: communication behavior, married couples, conflict, assertive preference values


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