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All provinces and districts / cities, just do Update device organizations of their respective regions. Hopes, this new organization into an effective and efficient organization. The regional organization built on five basic elements: 1) the strategic apex, 2) middle line, 3) operating core, 4) technostructure, and 5) supporting staff. Does the establishment of regional organizations gives hope to the improvement of coordination of the local government?If traced from theory, the five basic elements of the theory of Mintzberg berumber. According to Henry Mintzberg, attributes the organization building, consisting of: first, parts and people in the organization, secondly, the coordination mechanism, the third, the design parameters, and fourth, various environmental factors that influence the selection of the design parameters. In this first attribute Mintzberg says there are six elements. Elements 1st - 5th has been adopted by the PP. No. 18 / 2016 as described above. The sixth element is ideology. These six elements are not found in the PP. No. 18 / 2016. The fourth attribute Mintzberg's theory was also adopted. It is seen from the common variable calculation and technical variables as a basis for mapping the intensity of government affairs and the determination of the regional workload and determine tipeloginya classified as A, B, or C.The second and third attributes are not visible in the PP setting. No. 18 / 2016. As a result in the formation of regional organizations as well be invisible. The second and third attribute is actually provide a good framework for the establishment of the Agency which serves as technostrukture. Institutions that have an important role coordinating the programs of the Department so that organizational goals can be achieved. Thus, the improvement of coordination within local government is still difficult to expect.


Mintzberg, Henry., 1989, Mintzberg on Management: Inside Our Strange World of Organizations, New York.

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