Aji Brahma Nugroho, Raden Cakrawala Nusantara


The number of prepaid customers of PT PLN (Persero) in 2005 to 2017 amounted to 39,278,195 subscribers from a total of 77,968,897 customers spread throughout Indonesia. Although already electronic-based, prepaid electricity system has not provided a feature or service in the form of notification of token credit availability status at the time of exhaustion in customer prepaid KWhmeter, based on it then created a tool capable of providing SMS notification information in the form of credit status when the tokens run out on KWhmeter prepaid By using a photodiode sensor control device based on Ardiuno Nano ATmega 328 and GSM modem. If the token credit has reached the minimum limit the KWhmeter credit LED will flash blinking which is then identified by the photodiode sensor and processed by the processor to instruct the GSM Modem to send notification SMS to the customer. Based on the tests that have been done, the results obtained that the system succeeded in accordance with the function and job description yng determined, with the percentage performance of the system on this tool reaches 100%. In the process of receiving SMS there is still an average delay of 3.42 seconds. Delay is caused by the coverage and strong signal from the GSM provider used.

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