Ahmad Sultan Hakim, Triawan Adi Cahyanto, Habibatul Aziza Al Faruk


Site is a service on the internet domain consisting of 1 or more pages that can be accessed by people in cyberspace. Sites can be vulnerable to attacks that occur on their security systems, this security issue is often not paid attention and even ignored. This study creates a security mechanism on the blog site and SIA MAN 1 Jember. When a client accesses a real site, a security mechanism is created by redirecting it to the artificial site. Security mechanism testing is done by knowing the total number of attacks that have passed on the original , by carrying out xss attacks 16 times on the artificial site. This study also evaluates the level of weakness of the site against xss attacks based on the calculation of security metrics type CVSS version 2 with the category base metric group. This evaluation is to find out how vulnerable the site is to xss attacks based on the applied test scenario. The security mechanism method uses a proxy by configuring a firewall while the site evaluation uses CVSS v.2 calculation with the base metric group category. The results of testing the security mechanism can withstand xss attacks 16 times and do not affect the performance of original site. The site evaluation results were obtained for the highest level blog site with a base score of 4.758. Meanwhile, the highest level of the SIA MAN 1 Jember site is high with a base score of 7,042.

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