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BACKGROUND : role transtition is a role changing process to become a parents in adolescents, and it  is common to occur due to early marriage aor married by accident. New role as a parents need a good preparation since this changes need certain periode of time. But when an adolescents faced those situation due to their sexual behavior they will face role transition spontaneously and not ready in all aspect, phisically and psychologically. This transition will lead into role insufficiency as a parents. This stydy is conduct to analyze the role application of parenthood in adolescent.

SUBJECT AND METHODE : This is a qualitative study with thematic analysis. This study including 5 participants and 5 respondents for triangulation taken by purposive sampling.  The participants is mother who is married by accidents with a minimum of 6 months parenting experience. The research was conduct in 6 month.

RESULTS : This study found several themes, including difficulty in adaptating as a parents, changing habits, new forms of experience, form of support.

CONCLUSION : based on the results of this study, the experience of adolescent as parents is expected to improve their awareness and their involvement with their child through the interaction of inherent meaning so that role supplementatio ncan be fulfilled to produce a healthy role transition to feel conected, interact, have a situation, develop self confidence and coping.



role transition, parenthood, adolescent

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