Fitrotul Mufaridah


This paper focuses on discussing practice teaching in improving students’ speaking ability.
In some English classes, students’ speaking ability still becomes a big interest for the teacher to pay
attention because of some difficulties. To face this problem, Shared Book Experience strategy is
posing to solve problem in improving the students’ speaking ability. Referring to the research
problem, the research objective is to find out how Shared Book Experience strategy can improve
students’ speaking ability. The design of this research is classroom action research (CAR). The
research subject is Fourth semester students of English language Education Program university of
Muhammadiyah Jember. The data was analyzed by percentage formula.
The implementation of Shared Book Experience strategy was group and individual work
for the students. They did for both principle and practice. Principle refers to the way they share
through presentation and discussion the theory they had read from the book. The practices refers to
the way how they practice the theory about certain theory of Teaching English in the classroom. By
sharing their knowledge from reading a book about teaching English and by practicing the theory of
teaching English in classroom, they are facilitated to pra ctice speaking English, so they could do
some efforts to improve their speaking ability. Those caused the result of cycle two achieved the
criteria of success (≥75). Shared Book Experience strategy improved the students’ speaking ability
in two cycles from
53% (26 from 49 students) in the first cycle to 82% (40 from 49 students) in the
second cycle. Based on the research result, the conclusion is that Shared Book Experience is able to
improve the students’ speaking ability by doing presentation and discussion about certain theory of
teaching, and by practicing the theory in English classroom.
Keywords: Shared Book Experience, Practice Teaching Model, Speaking Ability

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