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Reading across the curriculum can be defined as a key competence in the curriculum. It means that
students read the text in order to help them to organize thoughts, construct the meaning, and
communicate the information and ideas contained in books or electronic text, as well as revealing
knowledge across the curriculum.
Content area reading is to read and understand the information on a particular subject. It includes
the definition of science in social studies, history, civics, laws and mathematics. To read the related
field of content not only reflects on the concepts and necessary ideas to the subjects, but also the
structure of the text that is used to read the content area of the study.
Reading and writing are two important things have to be trained in all levels of education. Therefore,
it is important to design the integration of reading to all content areas of the study. Integrating needs
to be planned in college or school level. In fact, the problems occur at the school level in which
teacher still experiences problems in integrating the content area reading of study. The difficulties
caused by lack of knowledge onreading. Moreover, the teacher still considers that teaching reading
is the responsibility of language teacher.
Various problems of learning reading should be handled immediately. Since, reading skills are
important at all levels of education from a primary level to college which relates to reading activities.
Hence, integration of reading is needed in all content areas of study.
The use of reading strategies for all content area of the subjects needs the support from experts of
universities who understand the concept of reading strategies which can be used for reading learning
in the content areas of study, namely KWL PLUS, The DR -TA (Directed Reading and Thinking
Activity), Read Aloud, and Retelling. The use of the strategies can be taught by lecturers to students.
In addition, it also can be trained to the teacher of the study by reading experts.
Keywords: Reading, Content Area, Strategy

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