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Language has an important role in communication as well as diplomacy between nations. Awareness
of the importance of language in cultural understanding between countries is what has been behind
the rise of Indonesian Teaching activity for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) both inside and outside the
country. Based on the data from the Center for Strategy and Development of Cultural Diplomacy
(PPSDK), in 2016, targeted 80 BIPA teachers will be sent to various countries. Nearly 46 countries
around the world, both in higher education institutions as well. These developments are triggering
the birth of a number of studies about the BIPA's. The issue of learning does have a strategic role in
BIPA program. In an effort to develop the language and build resilience culture then one of the
strategies that can be used is to make BIPA has insight into local cultural wisdom. Local cultural
wisdom can be used as reference for the essential and strategic in developing teaching materials with
a variety of approaches. Local cultural wisdom will build two resiliences at the same time, the inside
and outside, both for teachers and embassies and consulates general of Indonesia in
various countries have held BIPA program.
Keywords: BIPA Program, Teaching Material, Local Cultural Wisdom

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