Wirman Hardi Gunawan, Rozali Jauhari Alfanani


Education is one of the runways of human development in the life of a nation, state, and religion. It is
an integral part as an effort to improve people's life both spiritually and socio-culturally. Religious
education, specifically, has also been dedicating itself as an important part in the development of human
civilization. One form of the real contribution is the establishment of a religious based education system
called pesantren. Any kind of boarding school education has improved a lot. One of them is Nahdlatul
Wathan (NW) on the island of Lombok and Sumbawa (Nusa Tenggara Barat-NTB). NW as an important
part in the development of today's society has made itself as an Islamic-based education dominated the
balance of spirituality and socio-cultural. This study aims at describing the domain associated with the
continuum between aspects of spirituality with the socio-cultural context of society. It is expected to be
a scientific reference for the development of education-based Islam, both for internal purpose of
Nahdlatul Wathan Boarding School and externally across the country. So the spiritual concepts presented
as typical of Islamic boarding schools will be able to co-exist well with the socio-cultural context
contained in the public life.
Keywords: education, schools, Nahdlatul Wathan, spirituality, sociocultural

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