Samsuri Samsuri


Open competition in global period, especially in Asean Economic Community (AEC) Zone has been
effective since 2015. The logic implication from this agreement, all countries should prepare to face
an open competetion in all living aspects. No choices, all actors who want to be successful and be
winners have to prepare competitive and comparative excellences. Education institutions (schools)
have main strategic to create the excellent manpower. Schools can not be developed through copy
and paste the best practices from other schools. Schools development should refer to real school
condition. School with differences only can survive in the era. Research is the sistematic and logical
method to develop differences school. Collaborative research (CR) model have a great potential to
develop the idol schools. In CR model, all school communities have significant role in schools
improvement. CR will produce best practices to all schools developing aspects. When the research
has been cultured, school communities get a great manual to school improvement in the future.
With CR, schools have different fomula to create the excellent manpower based on standard
operation procedure.
Key words: school improvement, collaborative research, differences, and excellent manpower.

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