Abdul Haris Odja


The study was aimed to develop a writing test in science based on the concepts of science in Junior
High School. The research was a part of learning development to improve writing skills in science.
Test adapted and adjusted from written expression in science developed by Wang, et al (2011). The
components of this written test in science consisted understanding science vocabulary, identifying
a problem to be investigated, providing evidence in responding to the question, drawing evidence -based explanations. Assessment of the test was carried out through expert validation and test the
sensitivity of the test. The results of the expert assessment showed decent test used with some
revisions. While the overall sensitivity of the tests included in the sensitive category with average
numerical value sensitivity is 0, 57. If the terms of each indicator successive test values numerical
sensitivity were 0.40, 0.66, 0.47 and 0,75.
Key Words: writing in science test, Concept Heat, and Junior High School

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