Nur Hayati , Yeni Mardiyana Devanti


Simple tense is one of the essential skills that should be mastered by the students. The skill deals
with knowing how to form sentence and use it in an appropriate way. In teaching and learning simple
tenses process, the students are usually confused of rules. The students sometimes get bored in
teaching and learning process employed by the teacher in teaching simple tenses. As a result, a lot
of students have low scores on English caused by the failure in mastering simple tenses. One of the
solutions to improve students’ simple tenses mastery is by using English song. It helps them to give
motivation in learning English and memorizing the grammatical point through repetition of words
in the song.
The research intended “To improve students’ simple tenses mastery at MA Nurut Taqwa Cerme
Bondowoso. The design of the research was Classroom Action Research. The research covered four
stages of activities, they were planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting. The research
subject was XI
class because their simple tenses scores were still low. The class consisted of 23
students. Test and observation used to collect the data.
The result of the score analysis was, the percentage of students who got score >70 was 45% in the
first cycle. It means that the score of cycle one did not achieve the criteria of success. Therefore, it
was necessary to continue the action into cycle two with some modification in implementing the
action. The result of writing test in second cycle was 78% of the students could achieve the target
score. It was not necessary to continue the action into next cycle because more than 70% students
could achieve the target score. To sum up, the use of English song could improve students’ simple
tenses mastery at MA Nurut Taqwa Cerme Bondowoso by filling the blank spaces with the correct
to-be and verbs form.
Key words: Simple tenses Mastery, English Song

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