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Whiteboard is one of the media to illustrate knowledge to the student. However, whiteboard only
seen by teachers and students in the same room, but learning system has evolved into distance
learning. Media learning technology developed to improve the quality of students' absorption. To
help distance learning we develop virtual board and expected of teachers and students who are in
distance learning can see the same whiteboard
This virtual board developed using soft ware development methods. We develop as teachers and
students culturally appropriate in the use of whiteboards in the classroom. We purpose the no
distance problem bet ween teachers and student and learning process can be held as in the same room.
This virtual board called the Virtual Webboard. Virtual Webboard developed a web-based so it can
be accessed from anywhere at any time. Many features accessible in virtual webboard.Virtual
Webboard editing features facilitate with write, typing, drawing, erase, select font, select pen. To
the more advance use of virtual board is equipped with chat features and sharing the graffiti boards
to social media.
Key Words: distance learning, whiteboard, webboard

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