Syafhendry Syafhendry, Setyo Utomo


Leadership is an important factor, in order to meet public demands and aspirations. Leadership is the key word for the realization of justice, prosperity and equitable development amid a pluralistic society. Especially in the midst of a multidimensional crisis that has accumulated in the economic crisis experienced by the Indonesian people since the 1998 crisis has spawned a variety of public problems that have until now been fully resolved. Efforts to organize and overcome multidimensional crises amid global challenges will be quickly carried out if the transformation process in the community is able to produce good leadership at all levels of government, both central and regional. As a large pluralistic nation with all its problems, this nation needs political leadership that has a high commitment to solve various problems in the community. In the era of democratization, it is hoped that the leadership process will be more open and promising transformation and change in the community. Through leadership among the community, both through political parties, community organizations (such as NU, Muhammadiah) and leadership processes born of various organs in the community are expected to produce credible leaders and have a strong vision to solve various problems in the community. Where leadership is not interpreted as limited to power, but leadership really promises to improve and change amid the community.

Keywords: Leadership, governance, global challenges

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