This research is more of a problem solving, comprehensive, meaningful, complete and sustainable related to the resilience of fisherman groups in Bahari Village, Sampolawa Subdistrict, South Buton Regency. The problems were experienced by the Bahari Village Fishermen Group include 1). Fishermen communitydepended on the season, so they had difficulty in earning a living because of extreme weather condition, rising fuel prices, and sudden changes in wind direction. The fishing community of the Bahari Village in Sampolawa Sub-District still has low resilience. 2). The main external interference or pressure in fishing activities. 3). The low income of the Bahari Village fishermen community because the marine fishing technology generally still used the traditional equipment. This study aims to solve the problems posed by fishermen groups in helping to create peace, comfort and increase good resilience so that groups of fishermen are able to live in community life. The solutions offered in this activity will empower fishermen groups through learning and social adaptation while increasing fisherman resilience and building sustainable communities Resilience of BahariVilage fishing groups can be seen from the ability to learn to live in change and uncertainty, the ability to develop various ways to reorganize and renewal, the ability to combine various kinds of knowledge, and the ability to create opportunities for self-organization. As an initial step, observation and identification of problems encountered by partners have been carried out. in this activity carried out with the method of Education and Training. Technically the method used is the Survey Method and assistance. Direct observation is intended to obtain an overview of the area, situation, and conditions, and to verify the data obtained from the results of interviews with the existing reality.
Keywords: Resilience, Fishermen Groups, Sustainable

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