Devi Abdurrahman Nawawi


Disaster management in Wonosobo Regency is still in the stage of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, and continues to process to repair disasters that are proactive, preventive, prevent early recovery of disaster so that it improves in regional development planning. The purpose of this study was to discuss how the regional disaster management policies carried out by (BPBD) of Wonosobo Regency, in good governance, develop performance improvement programs, and plan progress management, and organizational governance in terms of pre-post, post-service quality this, discussing changes to the Regional Disaster Management governance regulations, fast, systematic, directed, and complete in the real action of natural disaster management, as well as the factors that support and become obstacles to the disaster management policy of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) in 2014- 2017. This study uses descriptive methods using qualitative research, namely research that is more directed at disclosing the problem or the results presented and revealing the facts. to consider the phenomenon of what is experienced by the subject of research. The technique of collecting data used is: 1) Observations from field observations, 2) Interviews with the number of informants, and 3) Documentation. The data analysis technique in this study is interactive analysis. The results of the study indicate that: Disaster Management has not been implemented perfectly, there are still limited Human Resources who understand and understand disaster management, not yet integrated and standardized data / reporting systems and new information in Wonosobo Regency. (Regional Spatial Planning and Environmental Studies) the lack of BPBD budget support in Wonosobo Regency, has not facilitated the BPBD building which functions to save logistics and emergency equipment (the BPBD office in Wonosobo Regency is still one location with the Office of Public Works and Regional Planning and environmental research). The limited mobility of logistics disaster management facilities and infrastructure, to meet the needs of affected communities not complete and complete. Not yet facilitated disaster resilient villages in all disaster-prone villages of Wonosobo Regency. Inadequate rehabilitation and implementation efforts in the aftermath of the disaster, the maximum participation of the community and business community in the implementation of cross-sector and cross-regional disaster management in Wonosobo district. The most priority future challenge is to synergize budget control legislation with regional development planning planning regulations, while new development alternatives are built based on analysis of supporting factors, future challenges and the study of competent technical research.
Keywords: Handling Policy, Disaster Management, BPBD.

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