R. Rindu Garvera, Regi Refian Garis, Irfan Nursetiawan, Kiki Endah


The tourism industry has developed into a lead sector in improving people's welfare at the grass root level. But new problems arise over tourism activities, including the existence of social problems such as the number of homeless, buskers, beggars, even crazy people who roam around Pangandaran Beach and of course disturbing order, and security of tourist areas. The Regional Government also made various efforts in disciplining it, one of which was realized by the establishment of a Task Force "Jaga Lembur". Although there are similarities with the role of Pecalang in Bali, the role of Overtime Guard still has its own characteristics. The purpose of this study is to analyze the role of the Task Force on Keep Overtime which focuses on orderliness and security of attractions. This research method is a qualitative descriptive study. The results of this study indicate that the role carried out by Overtime Guard in optimizing services in the tourism sector with local wisdom-based in Pangandaran Regency has been done optimally. Evidenced by the orderly tourism area with no wild homelessness, increased tourist visits and the satisfaction of tourists with Overtime Guard performance by assuming Overtime as a medium for tourism information in Pangandaran Regency, the clothes used by Overtime are environmentally friendly based on local wisdom. This research contributes to local governments as policyholders to innovate in providing public services in the tourism sector by collaborating with the principles of local wisdom.
Keywords: Overtime, Service, Tourism, Pangandaran.

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