Finding the Reasons of Using the Flouted Maxims in the Utterances of Adaline in the Age of Adaline Movie Subtitle

Novita Ayu Laraswati


People sometimes flout the maxims of Cooperative Principle in speaking because
they imply something in their utterance. To get the implied meaning of the
speaker, the theory of cooperative principles and context are used to analyze
the utterance. This article is aimed to analyze the types of maxim being flouted
and the factors that influence the use of flouted maxim in a movie. The source
of the data used in this research are taken from a movie subtitle entitled The
Age of Adaline (2015) directed by Lee Toland Krieger. This is a qualitative and
quantitative research. The qualitative method is applied to analyze the data
whereas the quantitative is used to count the number of each flouted maxim.
The results of this research show that there are four types of flouted maxim used
by the main character in The Age of Adaline movie, they are: flouted maxim of
relation, flouted maxim of quantity, flouted maxim of manner, flouted maxim
of quality. The writer also found the factors influenced the characters to flout
the maxim. The main character flouts the Maxim of Manner because she wants
to end the conversation. Another flouted maxim is Maxim of Quantity. The
reason is Adaline wants to give more information to the hearer about something.
The reason of Adaline flouts the maxim of Relation is because she wants to
hide something. The reasons why the character flouts the Maxim of Quality is
to tease the hearer. Additionally, Adaline as the main character in The Age of
Adaline movie also flout two maxims in an utterance. The reason is that she
wants to emphasize her intentions.


cooperative principles; flouted maxim; implied meaning; the Age of Adaline

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