Writing Ability Improvement on EFL Students Using Think Pair Share Technique

Nisrina Balqis Huwaida


This research was to find out the effective way using think pair share technique to improve the students’ ability in writing analytical exposition text. The design of this research is Classroom Action Research. The research subject is XI B class consisting of 30 students. The data collected by using writing test, field note and documment. In order to analyze the data students’ writing score, percentage formula is used. The researcher used only one cycle which consist of two meetings. Those the result of this cycle achieved the criteria of success. Think Pair Share technique improved the students’ writing ability in one cycle from the percentage of the students’ score ≥ 75 ( E= 83%). It is concluded that Think Pair Share Technique can improve the Eleventh grade students’ writing ability at Islamic Boarding School Baitul Arqom in the 2016/ 2017 academic year by involving the students working in pair and sharing the ideas. So that they can discuss their writing draft and revise the writing product.


Writing ability, Think Pair Share technique

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.32528/ellite.v2i2.1170


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