Enhancing Mentally Retarded Students’ Comprehension: The Development of MASH Project-Based Reading Material

Lulu Asyrifah


The development of reading material through Project Based Learning (PBL) strategy using MASH is aimed to meet mentally retarded students’ learning and target needs in EFL English reading courses. This study employed a research and development design which comprises seven stages, namely: a) students’ need analysis, design of MASH Project based reading, development, expert validation, implementation, reading material evaluation, and final product in the form of MASH project based reading material. The result of the reading material development took resulted six chapters in terms of number 11-20, expression agree/disagree, and part of house where containing material of the topic, video, and exercises that utilize Project-Based Learning strategy. The result of experts’ validation from an English teacher who assessed the material revealed the score was 78% that sorted out into ‘very good’ category and an Informatics teacher who assessed the media revealed the score was 74% that sorted out into ‘good’ category. While, the result of the students’ response related to the product showed the total score was 79% that the students agree with MASH media to be used in learning process. As its effectiveness toward the improvement of mentally retarded students’ reading comprehension is not measured yet, so an experimental study is addressed for further research to meet the issue of MASH reading material effectiveness and conduct the similar project with another media to develop more reading materials and activities.


reading, MASH, PBL strategy, mentally retarded students

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.32528/ellite.v2i2.1168


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