The Influence of Project Based Learning and Motivation Achievement on Improving Writing Ability

Hanafi Hanafi


Writing skill is one of the English skills which is often regarded as something difficult to master. Students tend to have less attention to this skill. Even worse, some teachers also often lack of attention to it since it requires more time to check the students work on writing. Consequently, the students’ writing competence is difficult to increase. To overcome the problem, the possible alternative the teacher can use is using Project Based Learning since the approach seems to be effective to improve the students’ writing competence. The other aspect that can possibly influence the writing competence is Motivation Achievement. In this research, the problem investigated is whether or not there is influence using Project Based Learning and Achievement Motivation in increasing writing ability. The kind of research used is experimental research with nonrandomized control group pretest posttest design. The data analysis used is t-test using SPSS version 21. The result of the research shows that Project Based Learning influences the students’ writing ability, while Achievement Motivation has no significant impact on the students’ writing ability.


Project Based Learning, Achievement Motivation, writing ability



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